Summer Glau for Kitty Pryde in X3?

Writer/director Joss Whedon (the upcoming Wonder Woman) has commented on rumors that his “Firefly” and “Serenity” star Summer Glau is up for the role of Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3, now that “Lost” star Maggie Grace is no longer on board. Whedon posted the following on the “Serenity” official site’s message board:

Summer did read for Kitty in X3. I know because she called me and mentioned she was going to and did I know anything about the character (there were no ‘sides’ to study — they had to get them when they came in). So the girl I turned into sort of a superhero in my movie was going to read for the character that most influenced ALL my girl-heroes, Kitty Pryde. Karmically funky. Anyhoo, she called me after and said it was very emotional and kind of like when she read for FIREFLY, she just got into a very intense groove. She started telling me about the scene she read and that’s when I realized WHY it was kind of like she read for FIREFLY. ‘Cause (as you may know) it was a scene I wrote for Astonishing X-Men issue #5. I assume they just didn’t have sides ready and used that but this was like a karmic moebius strip, it was just too folded in on itself. In this time of odd, I turned to beer. (No I didn’t. Stay in school.)

I don’t know what the X-peeps are looking for — or even if that other girl has really dropped out — but for my money, Summer would make a wonderful Kitty. (And I don’t say that lightly.) As long as it doesn’t interfere with SERENITY II: RICARDO MONTALBAN’S STILL PISSED — or, much more importantly, SERENITY III: SO VERY NUDE.

Source: CheeseMan