Batman Begins Premiere and Local Banners has posted a photo gallery and video from the Los Angeles premiere of Batman Begins. Thanks to ‘Robert’ for the heads up on that.

Meanwhile, it looks like Warner Bros. is putting up city-specific banners for the movie. Check out these two scoops, first is ‘I’m Spider-Man’…

Hey there Hypesters. Was driving to college with my girlfriend this morning and what did I see to my right, but a nice big dramatic (and panoramic) poster for Batman Begins.

It seems to be a London-oriented poster for the region I live in – it’s basically a shot of the houses of Parliament in London, in the dulled black-orange-brown colour scheme they’re using for promo posters, with thousands of Bats flying around it.

It was VERY imnpressive, I’ll try and get a picture for you in the next day or two.

And ‘Gordon’ says…

I found this in my weekend paper here and thought of you! I am sure they are doing these all over the place, much like the promotion for The Day After Tomorrow.

He sent a picture of his version as well:

Source: Superhero Hype!