UPDATE: The New Fantastic Four Poster

‘Lightning Strikez’ sent us this news on a new Fantastic Four poster:

I took this shot while out to see ROTS (for my second time)! This particular theatre seemed to be really pushing the F4 film. It had the standee, 10 ft. x 15 ft. 4-panel display, original teaser poster AND this new artwork up! :eek::up:

Not sure if this is the final one-sheet or not, but like the 4 panel display, the actors’ names are not listed across the bottom. Rather, the character’s code names are shown in the order of “Human Torch”, “The Thing”, “Mr. Fantastic” and “Invisible Woman”. Under that, it says “Fantastic Four” and “July 8th”.

UPDATE: “Wobbly” has landed an ever better shot:

Source: Lightning Strikez