Shawn Ashmore on X-Men 3

Shawn Ashmore talked to the Calgary Sun about returning as Iceman in X-Men 3:

“Iceman’s back as far as I know. There’s a start date sometime this summer, but I don’t know the details. As far as I know, everybody’s back. So it’s pretty exciting.”

Replacing Singer is Matthew Vaughn, producer of Snatch and the director of the forthcoming gangster drama Layer Cake.

So far Kelsey Grammer (as the Beast) and Vinnie Jones (as the evil Juggernaut) have joined the cast.

“It’s going to be interesting to have some new blood brought in and get someone else’s take on it.”

Ashmore nearly reunited with Singer on the Superman movie. He was the director’s first choice to play Jimmy Olsen. “It was a conflict as far as timing. It’s unfortunate. But I’m so happy to be in the X-Men group. It was a good problem to have.”

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Source: Calgary Sun