New X-Men 3 Crew Members has provided us with an update on the X-Men 3 crew:

Matthew Vaughn has injected more quality in to the X-Men 3 crew by signing a three time Academy Award nominated costume designer. Is it Louise Mingenbach? No, she’s too busy with Superman Returns and Logan’s Run. This time around Judianna Makovsky is designing the costumes for the next installment in the X-Men saga. Judianna has worked on a remarkable and varied list of films including Big, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Devil’s Advocate, Seabiscuit and more recently the Nicolas Cage blockbuster National Treasure.

Helen Jarvis has also signed as Art Director (Geoff Hubbard is the other Art Director – Note: big movies mostly have more than one art director). Having worked on X2 this will be her second X-Men film. Her other credits include I, Robot, Dreamcatcher and the upcoming Neverwas (Starring Ian McKellen & Alan Cumming!).

Matthew Vaughn has been mentioning in interviews here and here that he has brought (Academy Award winner) John Bruno on board as Visual Effects Supervisor. His credits include Alien vs Predator, Batman Returns, Terminator 2, The Abyss and True Lies. From what i understand John is taking to some of the top visual effects houses from both America and the UK to expand on what Michael Fink did in the last two films.