David Lloyd on V For Vendetta

‘batsam’ got a chance to meet V For Vendetta illustrator David Lloyd this weekend and asked him about the Wachowski brothers adaptation which will be released in theaters on November 4.

Over the weekend I went to Comic Expo in Bristol UK. I got talking to David Lloyd (who is a real nice guy) as he did a drawing for me and he talked about his thoughts on the new film. I have to remember off the top of my head what he said, so don’t quote me. Basically he’s seen the screenplay and he thinks it was very good for an Action Thriller, but is very much different from the Graphic Novel. He said that the character of Evey is less of a victim in this film and that he had met with The Wachoski Brothers, cause they wanted to know how tall to make V’s hat.

The movie, based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore, is directed by James McTeigue and stars Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving.

Source: batsam