New Batman Begins TV Spot Rundown

‘SpywebSHSD’ caught a new Batman Begins TV spot and wrote in a description:

I caught a new TV spot for ‘Batman Begins’ earlier on G4 around 7 o’clock. This is a different one then the one on ‘Survivor’, and is the first time I’ve heard anything about it. I’ll give a description to the best of my ability, but I was kind of in a trance throughout!

It began with the flashy cool ‘WB’ logo that turns into the bats, and then the narrator says, “In the beginning, evil had its day”, and it showed a shot of Tom Wilkinson [Carmine Falcone] sitting and smiling, and then a depressed shot of Bruce Wayne. It had a few shots of Bruce training with the ninjas, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Then the narrator comes back and begins the whole, “But this Summer, Evil Fears the Knight”. However, instead of the flashy ‘dusk/dawn’ cloud cover shots there used to be with the text of ‘Fears the Knight’, and so forth, it was set against a black background with the Bat-logo tilting up towards the viewer. Looked nice.

There were some shots of Katie Holmes looking frightened (it also shows her in a car saying, “What chance does Gotham have when the good do nothing?” She did not say ‘people’ in there, as I think was in the other trailers). And then there was one of the Scarecrow, but oddly no biggies of Neeson, Freeman, Cain, or Oldman, at least not that I remember.

It showed Batman driving the Batmobile through what appeared to be a guardrail (it showed us both a view of Batman driving inside the cockpit and then a shot outside of the racing Batmobile), and then the shot of the train that we’ve seen before. It had the clip of Bruce saying, “Gotham’s not beyond saving”, and showed the clip of Batman ‘flying’ through the air that we’ve seen before, as well as Bruce opening the doors to the cowl and whole costume.

If I remember correctly, it ended with a shot of the train, and it appeared as though Batman was hanging onto the side of it (or at least that shot was near the end of the clip). Sorry for the crappy description; I’ll try to catch it on again, as we all will, and hopefully won’t get too mesmerized by it! This flick’s looking good!

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight aired a new clip from the movie and you can find descriptions and links to download the clip on the SHH! Boards.

Source: SpywebSHSD