More Ghost Rider Set Pictures

‘Ronny’ from sent in this new update from the Ghost Rider set in Melbourne:

Photos from a small scene in the movie, nothing amazing.

ok first off i have to apologize for the lousy photos i took this time round. not as interesting as the previous one. for one thing, the set this time was smaller, and security was tighter. couldn’t interact with the set as much. secondly, there wasn’t that much to see anyway. plus some people politely asked me to stop taking photos, to which i politely complied. not before i managed to get a few first of course.

i caught a glimpse of the hellcycle (yes the real one, not the “chopper he drives around” when he’s not in ghost rider mode) for about .03 of a second. it went straight into a building, but the sound was unmistakable. turbo charged. i also managed to catch a glimpse of “ghost rider”, the guy with lights on his helmet, doing a scene with a police officer or secuity gaurd, as well as some general filming equipment.

unfortunately the hell cycle went away too fast. i couldn’t get a shot off. nothing much happened. i couldn’t get close enough to see anything anyway. the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. all i have to say is that those massive spot lights are HOT. it was like, 7 degrees out but it felt like 20 with those lights on. the moment the switched them off when they went for a break, the temperature started dropping.

Check out his pictures at the link above.

Source: Ronny