Official Fantastic Four Site Update

‘SupermanWatcher’ alerted us that the official Fantastic Four website has gotten a new look and new features. You can also preview a new online game for the movie by clicking the F4 key once you get to the Flash site’s main screen (which will take you to the Von Doom Archives.

Meanwhile, ‘Tricky Two’ caught the Magic Johnson/Fantastic Four TV spot during the NBA playoffs and sent in this description:

While watching the NBA playoffs on ABC, I noticed an NBA promo you may like to know about. It featured the Fantastic Four and “Magic” himself, Earvin Johnson. From what I remember (details may be hazy) Magic was wearing his signature yellow Lakers “32” jersey, facing off against Mr. Fantastic in what seemed to be a one on one. Richards hands the ball to Magic at the top of the key with a stretched out arm and he drives for the basket. Richards tries to block but The Thing picks him off so Magic can get through. Then out of “nowhere” Sue appears to pass the ball to Richards. I believe Richards dunks stretching out over everyone while Magic gives a look and we see Johnny flaming through. Magic’s got the ball at the top of the key again and throws it up as a pass to the Torch flying above who dunks it. Magic smiles and we cut to a graphic that read “NBA Playoffs, Where legends are born”.

Source: SupermanWatcher, Tricky Two