Jackman Confirmed for Superman Returns?

According to the Herald Sun, Hugh Jackman indeed has a role in director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Is it true? We’re not sure, so take this with a grain of salt:

Today’s Herald-Sun Newspaper here in Australia (Hit, Page 24, second paragraph from the bottom – headline : Russ Hymnself’s comic alter-ego) confirmed that HUGH JACKMAN is playing Clark Kent’s Dad in SUPERMAN.

“Hugh Jackman has signed on to the Superman Lives cast as Kent’s adoptive father, who appears in flashback sequences. He’ll join Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth on the production”.

This paper’s usually pretty spot-on (not like the British tabloids) so I’d believe it.

Kind of ironic that they misspelled the movie title then! Thanks to ‘Pat’ for the heads up.

Source: Pat