Batman Begins Sponsors NASCAR Nextel Cup

‘Kevin’ pointed us to this article which says that the upcoming NASCAR Nextel Cup will be named “The Batman Begins 400” this year and the Batmobile might even be the pace car!

Word is that the Batmobile will pace the field of Chevrolets, Fords and Dodges.

Shelton would not say if the Batmobile would be seen on the giant two-mile MIS oval.

“I can’t confirm or deny it will be on the track,” said Shelton, a longtime Batman fan. “But that’s the rumor. If it shows up, I think it would be very cool.”

Having a race named after a Batman movie was exciting enough, said Shelton, “but if the Batmobile is the pace car, the crowd is in for a big time.”

Great stuff! Check out the full article at the link above.

Source: Kevin