Ottman on the Fantastic Four Score

Scooper ‘LightninStrikez’ caught up with composer John Ottman and asked for an update on the Fantastic Four score:

I recently had an opportunity to touch base with John Ottman, the composer of the X2 and Fantastic Four soundtracks. When asked if he had started any preliminary work on the FF film, I was surprised to learn he has the main theme and some character-specific scores already structured. He seems pretty enthusiastic about the project. I’m enclosing a portion of his message:

“The film is definitely lighter [than X2], but because of that I have more opportunities musically to be less restrained and play the theme more in the film. The main theme is sort of adapted to all the characters, including Dr. Doom, who has a sort of sinister minor version of it. This made sense because they are all effected by the same cosmic storm so they all have a sort of connection. Then there is a sort of magical “powers motif” for The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. The Thing is the one character who kind of has his own heartfelt sub theme at times, reflecting back when he was a normal human. I’m still discovering things, so I’m sure other themes or motifs will emerge. Well, back to it!”

Source: LightninStrikez