Jessica Alba on Fantastic Four

On April 1st, Jessica Alba’s first of three movies this year will hit theaters. In Sin City she plays a stripper named Nancy, but in Fantastic Four Alba plays quite a different role as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman.

“‘Fantastic Four’ couldn’t be more different. Fantastic Four is a family movie,” Alba said, comparing the two movies.

She says Susan Storm is “a scientist who has a problem expressing her emotions, and her DNA was altered and when she does express her emotions she goes invisible. So when she’s screaming she goes invisible, when she’s having a melt-down she goes invisible, and she’s completely frustrated. And the man that she’s in love with ignores her and she goes invisible. So it’s very frustrating.”

She adds that she hopes July 8th will indeed be Fantastic. “It’s a huge movie for Fox and there’s a lot of pressure that it does well.”

Her third movie this year, the action-thriller “Into the Blue,” comes out just a week later on July 15th.

Source: Andrew Weil