Superman Stars Touch Down in Tamworth

The Northern Daily Leader says the Superman Returns cast has touched down in Tamworth:

A TASTE of Hollywood came to Tamworth yesterday when the principal actors in the new Superman blockbuster touched down at the city’s airport ahead of filming at the Breeza-based set today.

Little-known American actor Brandon Routh, who will play the Man of Steel in the Bryan Singer directed film, chose an F28 Skywest plane to get here rather than use his super powers.

The 25-year-old opted for casual clothes rather than the lycra tights he’ll be used to wearing during filming on the set of the Kent family farm.

Joining him on the flight were 80-year-old Oscar-winning actress Eva Marie Saint, who will play Superman’s earth mother Martha Kent and producer Chris Lee.

To read more about what will be filmed there and for a picture of Routh arriving, hit the link above.

Source: The Northern Daily Leader