Ghost Rider Set Reports & Pics Continue

We’ve got more reports from the Melbourne Ghost Rider set and great new pictures. First up is ‘kreation’:

I live in Melbourne where they are filming the movie…I was in town last night with my wife on a tram when I noticed a lot of people wearing security vests with a street blocked off. As the tram went past we both had a look in the street that looked like a bomb had gone off as there was wreckage and smoke everywhere. We both looked at each other and said “Ghost Rider!”. We jumped off the tram and went back for a closer look…there weren’t that many people looking so we asked one of the security staff what was being filmed…and he confirmed that it was Ghost Rider…we asked if any of the stars were around but they weren’t…just extras filming a scene with an American looking police car…the type that we don’t have in Melbourne. Ours look different.

Meanwhile, ‘Misskaos’ send us new pictures and says:

The first few are fom the cemetry – in one of them you can see the cameras and people in the middle of the shot. The last one is from Lt. Lonsdale St. We weren’t allowed to take photos there while they were filming, but I snuck one in as I was leaving. You can see the fire truck and Nic riding his bike down the lane… sorry it’s a bit blurry!

You can view those pics and more here! If you’re looking for more pics, in this thread on our message boards fans from the area are posting updates and some cool images.

Source: Superhero Hype!