Bird & Co. on The Incredibles DVD

Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles, and his crew took some time to talk about some of the features on the new DVD.

“I certainly had my hands full with just the movie,” said the Oscar-winning director, “but my favorite place to see the movie is in the theater. But I’m also a huge DVD fan and I enjoy DVDs. I enjoy all the extra goodies and the fact that if somebody is into it, it’s a larger sandbox to play in.”

The DVD features include an all new short, “Jack-Jack Attack” (pictured), where viewers find out why Kari had such a tough time babysitting for Jack-Jack.

“I originally designed the Jack-Jack/Kari (as) part of the story, Bird explains. “I thought, ‘If the plot bogs down, I have something fun to cut back to. I can keep the movie popping,’ but when I got the rest of the story in there, there was so much momentum in the story itself, it was actually distracting. It wrecked the movie to cut back to Kari and Jack-Jack so I didn’t do that… but, I still loved a lot of those gags. So when they said, ‘Could we do something extra for the DVD?’ There it is.”

Special features include an audio commentary (with participants Brad Bird, producer John Walker, and a group of Pixar animators), bloopers and outtakes, and all-new documentary about the making of the film.

“We have 5,000 hours of the most boring stuff you could ever see,” describes producer John Walker. “There’s one shot of 5 guys looking at a computer screen, going ‘Oh man.’ And then a reverse shot of that, of the same five guys over the computer screen going ‘Ohhh.’ We have about 10 minutes of good stuff and that’s on the DVD!”

“With us, we had cameras around very early in the process, and I wanted to,” said Bird. “At first, everyone was uncomfortable with them, but pretty soon, everybody got used to them. So we got some interesting candid stuff.”

Bird, a self-proclaimed fan of DVDs, professed his love for the The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King DVD.

“Don’t think I didn’t see every last frame of the ‘Return of the King’ DVD. My family didn’t see me for a couple days. I just watched every last little thing (including) ‘Favorite restaurants in New Zealand’.”

“Boundin’,” the Academy Award-nominated short from Pixar, is included on the DVD and finds links to the The Incredibles from its director Bud Luckey.

“(Luckey) wrote it, he wrote the music, he wrote the lyrics, he did the song, he actually did the vocals on it, designed the characters and directed the piece,” explains Executive Producer of the Shorts Group at Pixar, Osnat Shurer. “So its very much a personal piece. And he connected to the ‘Incredibles’ even more because he is also the voice of Rick Dicker in the film (and in Jack-Jack Attack.)”

The DVD is full of other surprises, including numerous Easter Eggs and hits the street on March 15th.

Source: Andrew Weil