Zak Penn on Writing X-Men 3

Zak Penn talked to Sci Fi Wire about the difficulty of writing “X-Men” movies. He is currently writing X-Men 3:

“It’s not just about including everyone… It’s really more about how you give everyone more and better screen time… The answer is that you can’t, and you have to make really difficult choices. That’s actually the most difficult thing about writing an X-Men movie. I think on X-Men 2, I counted 14 main characters, and I haven’t even begun to count how many there are now. It’s actually very difficult. It might not seem it, but it’s a very difficult writing assignment in a lot of ways, because it’s so complicated juggling all these different storylines. The movie is still coming together, but I believe that all the major players are back.”

Hit the link above for more of the interview, in which he discusses working with Bryan Singer.

Source: Sci Fi Wire