Batman Begins Highlighted by USA Today

USA Today is highlighting five of the biggest films this year and has included Batman Begins. Here’s a clip:

Banished are Bat nipples, hammy villains and a comic-book hero adrift in his own adventures. Nolan ignores the four predecessors that began with 1989’s Batman to expose his avenger’s dark roots. “To tackle an icon who has never been explained before is a tremendous opportunity,” says the British director, who watched the campy ’60s TV series as a kid. “It’s a mythic story that draws upon Hamlet and The Count of MonteCristo.”

How does Nolan hope to compete with the state-of-the-art feats in the Spider-Man films? “The strength of Batman is his reality,” he explains. “He’s a guy without superpowers. Bruce Wayne uses detection, psychology and martial arts. Any one of us can be him.”

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Source: USA Today