More on the New Batman Begins Footage

Scooper ‘L’ has sent us some more details on the Batman Begins footage which was shown at Wonder-Con in San Francisco this weekend with Christian Bale in attendance:

-footage begins with young Bruce and Rachel (Katie Holmes’ character) playing in the Wayne Manor gardens. Bruce slips and falls into the batcave. He is then swarmed by bats. He is saved later by his father, who repells down. Then you see a brief scene of his father explaining that the bats attacked Bruce because they were afraid, because fear is one thing all living things have.

-Later, during the opera play with his parents Bruce is STILL terrified by the bats and that is the reason he urges them to leave early. Then we actually got to SEE his parents shot and killed in this footage.

-Next we saw Bruce and Alfred at the funeral, where Rutger Hauer comes over to young Bruce and explains that “you’re in good hands. When you’re old enough, your empire will be waiting.”

– Bruce goes to Ra’s Al Ghul’s monastery, and finds Ra’s waiting in his throne (that picture from the official site) right as Bruce enters. Ra’s is motionless and says nothing. But Ducard (Liam Neeson) does all the talking, and proceeds to kick Bruce’s ass in the hallway right in front of Ra’s. It’s obvious this is a scene of seeing if Bruce has what it takes.

– you see a longer cut of the Bruce/Ducard sword fight on the ice. In it, Ducard says that the death of Bruce’s parents is not his fault, but is the fault of Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne himself. Interesting twist.

-Batman fires his grappling hook gun in this footage. As well as glides through a Gotham at dusk.

-You see Cillian Murphy (without the Scarecrow mask) terrified and looking up at some dark rafters..whispering “it’’s the batman.”

Source: L