International Fantastic Four Trailer Description

‘Spiderman2k’ first told us about the new Fantastic Four trailer airing in the UK, now ‘f00768500’ has sent us a full description:

Uber-perfectionist that I am (and the fact that I’m a man of my word. and maybe a little anal), I watched the T4 trailer again. and MAN I couldn’t have got it more wrong it I tried!!!

SFX: Choral intro as before

FLASHCARD: 4 people

ACTION: Ben, Sue, Reed and Johnny line up in their shiny silver suits

FLASHCARD: will be changed

ACTION: Doom and Sue in the transparent observatory overlooking Earth

FLASHCARD: forever

ACTION: Ben is transported (?) off the ship – Cosmic storm brews on radar – Reed panics – They all start running around – A control panel explodes in Johnny’s face – Outside, Ben leaps from a platform to escape the storm – Inside, Johnny falls against a railing

FLASHCARD: and they will be.

ACTION: Reed tries yelling thru the glass at Ben – Johnny looks up and outside, concerned

FLASHCARD: fantastic (zooms from big to small)

ACTION: Reed tilts his head, serious/curious – Reed blasted with cosmic rays – Sue tilts her head, serious – Sue blasted with cosmic rays – Johnny in a club/bar, turns his head – Johnny blasted with cosmic rays – Ben sits up in a hospital bed, looks angry – Ben in spacesuit blasted with cosmic rays, he holds out his hands – Reverse video of the four in their uniforms

Black out (music changes to funkier version of previous choral or remix of Spidey 2 trailer music)

Reed catches a bottle/glass with overstretched hand; he looks shocked – Fire truck skids out of control on Brooklyn Bridge – close up of Thing’s hands grabbing the fender – Full body shot of Thing trying to pull the fire truck back – Sue’s face starts to fade – Johnny snaps fingers, flame pops up – He’s on his motorbike, eyes orange, flames lick across his shoulders.

As Reed stares at his slightly stretched fingers, MR FANTASTIC (text, font as seen on official site) zooms to his mid-left – He opens the door from the outside – Johnny quips to him and Sue: “Do we all agree, that’s disgusting?!” (no no no, Chris – the line goes “Do we all agree, you’re a dickwad?!)

As Doom unleashes an electrical attack against Sue, INVISIBLE WOMAN (text) zooms to mid-left of shot – Doom POV on Sue’s face as invisible bubble repels attack. She. looks. pissed! – Rom/com scene:

Sue: (tilting her invisible head) “Look at me!”

Reed: (exasperated) “I can’t!” (geddit!)

ACTION: Lightning arcs between office blocks/skyscrapers at night – The Thing busts thru a wall.

Day scene, on the Bridge . As Thing raises to his full height, eyes full of menace (I’m sure this bit comes after he crushes the truck), THE THING (text) zooms to upper left of screen – He charges across a road at night – He jumps down off an overhead beam on Brooklyn Bridge (?) – To save a fallen pedestrian, Thing puts his shoulder into a speeding truck, which crumples and starts to flip.

Rear view of Johnny as he jumps off a building, HUMAN TORCH zooms to mid left – Front view of Johnny as he flattens his arms at his sides, looks determined – The fiery trail of the Torch streaks from right to left, a missile in hot pursuit.

In an overhead shot (at night), we behold a shadowy figure with arms outstretched, lightning crackling violently from his fingers – Camera pans down to Doom’s faceplate as he raises his head (spooky!), BUT. there’s no caption for him, no acknowledgment of his identity (what’s the big mystery? We KNOW who he is already!!!) – Lightning all around a frightened crowd (night scene again) – a shadowy Doom walks/runs from left to right in foreground

Invisible Woman lies on the floor, quick zoom on her worried face – HUD (missile?) display, trying to get a lock on Torch – Doom clobbers Thing with a pipe, sends him flying – Torch streaks from background to foreground out of city with missile on his tail (when I paused this bit on the QT trailer, I could have sworn I could see him smirking!)

*** Streaks of blue light reveal the full FANTASTIC 4 logo ***


Thing (gravely voice – uber-UBER-cool!!!): I’m gonna need to borrow your car!

Scared Woman Driver (standing on sidelines hugging an equally frightened black woman): The transmission sticks!

Thing (bending to grab her car): Not a problem!

Thing then flip-throws the car at camera – Black out – FANTASTIC 4 logo again.

Source: f00768500