Director Tim Story on Fantastic Four

The F4 Diaries Site sent us this update from Game Informer which talked to director Tim Story about Fantastic Four.

GAME INFORMER Magazine talked with FANTASTIC FOUR director, Tim Story about the upcoming Marvel Comics adapted film! With their eye set on a July 2005 release, there are also plans to release a fully interactive video game around the same time for all available gaming platforms.

Regarding the film, the director discussed the troubles of bringing the F4 team to the big screen, and making them work. Story noted that one of the biggest challenges was “figuring out how to make the use of their powers within the story organic.”

“In the comic book, Johnny is always on fire, but nothing catches on fire around him. We had to make it so he could actually be in a room with people, flame on, and make sense.” says Story. The biggest challenge has been taking the comic book and making the powers seem natural for the characters and what they are going through.”

Many might think that Tim Story is an odd choice for the Fantastic Four, but the director talked about the similarities between the F4 ensemble cast, and the cast of his previous film, BARBERSHOP. How does he approaches the characters to make them realistic?

“I try to keep them at each other’s necks. There’s always that banter going back and forth. I just love it when families argue. There’s no resolution, but at the same time they have to come together and help each other. They’re normal people. They don’t neccessarily like each other all the time, but they love each other. Putting the superpowers aside, they’re just like you and I.”

And unlike many film villains, Story’s Dr. Doom is much more than a villain who just wants to destroy the world. “There aren’t a whole lot of villains out there who intentions are extremely pure.” says Storm. Dr. Doom just wants to get rid of Reed Richards. It’s plain simple. He just hates Reed, and at the end of the day, it’s not much bigger than that.”

Thanks to ‘Anthony’ for the heads up, and be sure to check out the magazine for more.

Source: The F4 Diaries Site