Bird on a Possible Incredibles Sequel

The Incredibles director Brad Bird tells the Los Angeles Daily News that he may possibly do a sequel to The Incredibles:

“The Incredibles” director Brad Bird doesn’t mind admitting, “I would love to return to these characters because I love them so much.’ But he’s adamant he won’t rush his animated superhero family into a sequel, if indeed he does one at all.

“I think there are a lot of sequels that shouldn’t have been made. ‘Jaws 2,’ for instance, didn’t benefit humanity in any way,’ opines the man who also gave us the memorable “Iron Giant.’ “The ones that work, like the second ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ — and Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 2’ is a wonderful example — have the original filmmaker involved, always saying something like, ‘If I can figure out a story as good or better than the one we did first, I’ll do it.’ That would be my prerequisite.’

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Source: The Los Angeles Daily News