Bosworth & Spacey Confirmed for Superman!

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Kate Bosworth is in talks to play Lois Lane, and Kevin Spacey is set to play the superhero’s nemesis Lex Luthor in Bryan Singer’s Superman for Warner Bros. Pictures.

The comic book movie would reunite the two actors, who currently appear in Spacey’s “Beyond the Sea” as Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

The casting of Lane was a long process that ultimately rested on a chemistry test between the actress and Brandon Routh, who is playing Superman, says the trade. Bosworth reportedly beat out the likes of Claire Danes, Linda Cardellini, and Michelle Monaghan.

Spacey, who is in rehearsals for “National Anthems” at the Old Vic, will do a limited run of “The Philadelphia Story” at the theater before moving to the Superman movie, which has a March 3 start date at Fox Studios Sydney.

Singer also told Variety that he and his writers chose a track that falls somewhere between the original film and the successful series Smallville.

“It’s a little like ‘X-Men,’ where the mutants existed when the movie began,” Singer said. “It’s not an origin story; I didn’t want to remake what Richard Donner did so well in the original, and didn’t want to tread on the great work they’re doing on ‘Smallville.’ He’s already part of the culture; he has left the planet. This is the story of his return.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety