Rumors on Fantastic Four Exaggerated?

Cinescape recently posted a report that said the Fantastic Four production was getting another $20 million to beef-up the Mr. Fantastic stretching effects and to change the third act of the film so that it would differ more from The Incredibles.

Scooper ‘LightninStrikez’ says those statements are a bit over the top:

By the way, one of the fans in our forum has links to the FF production and he told me that some of the Cinescape article is a bit “exaggerated”.

According to him, Fox is not worried about the comparisons between the “Fantastic Four” and the “Incredibles”. The feedback from Fox was that the climax was a little limp compared to the rest of the film.

To ensure that the film would have the best conclusion/climax they shelled out another $20 mill, but not due to Elasticgirl, as the articles suggest.

Either way it’s good news for Fantastic Four fans!

Source: LightninStrikez