Possible New X-Men Franchise News

XMenFilms.net says it has received word from a 20th Century Fox representative who gives some possible “X-Men” franchise news. Here’s a bit on Storm’s involvement in the third film:

By the producers and studio request, the weather controlling mutant known as Storm (Ororo Munroe) is currently being included in the X3 film screenplay on a provisional basis. The role is being written with the idea that it can easily be switched out for another character under the circumstances that actress, Halle Berry cannot return. Should the actress return, the role will likely be expanded to that equal of the other main cast members, in future drafts of the screenplay. It is also possible that the role could possibly remain small for a cameo appearance. Or could the role be recast? This is still being worked out, and won’t conjeal until main cast members are asked to return.

Interesting, if true. There’s more on the spin-off films and X-Men 3 release date at the link above.

Source: XMenFilms.net