Hauer is Cardinal Roark in Sin City

Scooper ‘Lobster Charlie’ saw the following note from Rutger Hauer on his official website, in which the actor reveals he’s been cast as Cardinal Roark in “The Hard Goodbye” for Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City.

Well,things happenned rapidly the last few days.While opening mail and relaxing something popped out of the pressurecooker.SIN CITY is a black and white cartoon which is being made into a feature in Texas.Could i come and do a wacky hysterical cardinal for them.Last night i drove to the airport hoping to pay DD a fast visit which went south but she s alright.This morning fog delayed the planes.I had a ticket to London from where i hoped to fly on wit BA but decided last minute that was too tricky.Jumped on a different plane.Now in the us safely for an overnight and tomorrow onwards to Texas.Never been,darrrrn it.Luggage this time is amazingly light.Just one suit and little stuff.Sat in the cockpit for landing.Delicious.

Stay tuned to his site for more possible updates on this.

Source: Lobster Charlie