Dan Harris on the Superman Movie

IGN Filmforce talked to writer Dan Harris who says shooting on Superman starts in March Down Under and he is doing rewrites with director Bryan Singer while the sets are being built. Here’s a clip:

“We don’t start until March, but yeah, we’re on our third draft right now and we’ve done, I mean, you know, the requisite first draft, [then] chop off ten to fifteen pages, you know? It’s too expensive, it’s always too expensive. But it’s being molded and kind of shifted and coming along really quickly, so any work that we’re doing now, it’s going to, by the next chapter, turn into really minor tweaking and just getting in there and making scenes better, as opposed to X-Men, where we did about 28 drafts, and halfway through those 28 drafts, we were still rewriting the whole movie every time. It was still, like, major shifts in story. Not this time around, this time around it’s pretty much there.”

There’s more on the sets at the link above.

Source: IGN Filmforce