Clive Owen on Sin City interviewed the cast of Mike Nichols’ “Closer” and asked Clive Owen about starring in Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City.

It was extraordinary. It was Robert Rodriguez, who is like [a] Renaissance man really. He’s a complete one-off. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. He does absolutely everything. He shoots, he edits, he operates, he lights, he composes the music. He’s the most amazing cook. He really pissed me off. It’s an extraordinary project. He’s doing this strip, cartoon, picture book, Frank Miller thing and he’s been so faithful. He re-creates image by image by image. To us, it was very weird. We were just standing in a sort of green screen every day, and everything else will be added. It was an extraordinary experience, but my most overwhelming memory is how hugely impressive the whole thing he’s got going down there in Texas is…I’m in “The Big, Fat Kill” (as) Dwight.

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