Spider-Man 2 DVD Easter Eggs & Clip

The various versions of the Spider-Man 2 DVD comes out Tuesday in the U.S. and ‘Neilzy’ has send in word on Easter Eggs that are on the Aussie version (and may be the same on the Region 1 release):

The Spider-Man 2 DVD came out in Australia last week and I found a couple of cool easter eggs on disc 2.

If you go into the the “Making The Amazing” menu there is a picture of Doc Ock smashing up the train and a list of all the featurettes to play. On the first page if you scroll to the top of the list you can highlight one of Doc Ock’s tenticles, press enter and it shows a scene where Willem Dafoe plays Doc Ock as a joke.

The other one is in the “Gallery” menu. The background is Spider-Man vs Doc Ock with Aunt May being held hostage. If you scroll up you highlight Spider-Man’s Spidy Sense. If you enter this you see a scene where Alfred Molina sings “If I were a rich man” from The Fiddler On The Roof.”

Normally the Eggs on a Region 4 DVD are the same on a Region 1 DVD so check them out. Hope this is useful to you.

‘mg1’ has word on one more Easter Egg as well:

Another Spider-Man 2 easter egg – on disk 1, enter the special features menu and select commentaries option, highlight the off icon on technical commentaries, then press up, right to reveal a hidden spider then hit enter to see a clip of Sam Raimi doing a promotion video for Japan!

Also, ‘Astro4 sent us links to another clip and a special offer:

Hey, I found this clip of the Spider-Man 2 DVD about sounds here.

Source: Neilzy, Astro4