Christian Bale on Batman Begins

The Chicago Sun-Times has published a new interview with Christian Bale talking about the Chicago shoot, the character, and movie. Here’s a clip:

His Batman kicks butt. “I’ve never felt like the Batman character in the films was given as much time as any of the villains. The villains were always the most interesting characters, too. Batman has always been this very bizarre, almost blind character running through the middle of the story,” Bale says. “Our film is different.” Ask him about his Batman and he laughs. “Talk about an American psycho. The guy is running around in a cape.”

He will give up a few more on-set secrets. “Our Batman is centered on the early days. It’s an explanation. It’s certainly not Batman No. 5,” he promises. “It’s a reinvention. We want you to forget there has ever been a Batman before this one.”

Hit the link above for more on this, including a funny bit on someone running into the Batmobile.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times