New Fantastic Four Set Reports & Pics

‘Mark’ at Hollywood North Report alerted us that they’ve posted some new pictures of the Fantastic Four finale filming in Vancouver. Their set report and pics contain spoilers, so proceed at your own risk at the link above.

Scooper ‘ROC4LIFE’ also sent us this report about what was filmed a few nights ago. There’s spoilers here as well:

I like in Penticton which is a 5 hour drive from Vancouver and I am a huge fan of the FF as id my father who has almost every original book, well we drove to Vancouver 3 nights ago so we could say we atleast attempted to see the FF filming and dear god did it pay off, They were filming at Granville and Howe and they wouldnt let us on the block because it was roped up, so my dad called a friend from the radio station and he hooked us up with VIP passes because a local radio station is providing catering for a week, so after i got on set they were filming a fight scene during the day, the whole cast except for alba was there, they also had a large screen tv in an open trailer thing with footage that looked totaly done which just kept playing looped.

well the scene i saw geting filmed was with Evans aka Johny storm and Thing and Doom, there was also a stunt double wearing a costume that was read and they lit him on fire and had him attached to cords to make him looke like he was flying, as in a superman position laying flat and he flew towards Doom and hit him in the stomach wth his hands, his hands were the only part on actualy fire, they did the shoot around 15 times, and the guy in the red suite did not wear a costume. The intresting thing about Doom is what he was wearing, He had the mask on that wasseen in the footage and wore a blazer like suite that was also a cloak, it looked intresting, he also wore a large chain around his kneck, which was gold, the blazer/cloak was a deep grey/green and did seem to look quite kool, when johny hit him the hood on his head flies back and the rest of his head was seen, and its looked like burn skin with veins and stuff, the mask only went to the back of his ears. After jogny hit him Iain (Reed) stood behind him and just held his arms out like a meter behind him and then Doom would squirm, i supose thats when they would add the stetching CGI, what else can i say about dooms costume, underneat the blazer was a black tight shirt almost a turtlekeck and he wore just dress pants the same color as the blazer and black boots that went up to his knees, this probaly seems quite hard to visualize, the actor who plays thing (chilkis) was there but never in suit, there wsa no one in the thing suit.

The footage i saw being played on the big screen was intresting i only saw around 3mins cause we wernt sure how long we could hang around for, but sumone told me it had been playing over and over. The part i saw had johny talking to some girl who was black, quite attractive, they were on a busy street then sudenly he jost zones out like noones there he sense something and he flames on floats a little and then shoots up really fast to the top of a building while he flys up the windows break going up, it looked amazing and i was very impressed with the look of it.

i dont know much else i can say but that i was impressed with what i saw, and that Doom was only wearing a mask, there was no other metal on his body, the filming was around 6:00 in the evening and it was not quite dark yet.

Source: Superhero Hype!