Early Word on the Constantine Movie

Two scoopers told us they got to see a test screening of Warner Bros.’ Constantine last night and they sent us both a positive and negative review. First up is ‘JBroce’ with the positive look:

I saw a test screening of Constantine last night, in Lakewood, CA. It was very suspenseful, and made the crowd jump in at least 3 places. I’m not a jumper, and it got me a few times. Yes it was choppy at times, and the character development of his two friends wasnt enough. But constantine’s character was well developed along with the lead females character. The love story that was mentioned by the other scooper had to be developed for him to make his decision in the end. and It was hardly the focus of the movie nor did it take away from the rest of the film. grade: B

And here are the negative thoughts from ‘Marmion Bridewell’:

There is a thin love story that doesn’t really have any place in the film and is not believable at all do to the complete utter lack of chemistry between the two main characters. Bad direction, poorly written sparse dialogue, little or no action as well as character or plot developement. Surprisingly Keanu is pretty good in the role and a highlight. Gavin Rossdale’s tasteful bit of acting is also a welcome surprise but he gets the Darth Maul treatment by being under used. All and all, it get’s a C-. If it’s reshot or in places as well as edited for pacing, it could be a C+.

Source: Superhero Hype!