Superman Finally is Ready to Fly Again

USA Today has published a new editorial piece about the Superman movie, which includes Warner Bros.’ Jeff Robinov talking about the film:

Warner Bros. is revealing little about the plot, but Singer has hinted that the film will pick up where 1980’s Superman II left off. In that movie, our hero traded his superpowers for mortality, fell in love with Lois Lane, regained his powers to defeat his enemies but then lost the girl.

“How do you bring Superman back? That has obviously been a challenge for us,” says Jeff Robinov, president of production for Warner Bros. “It took a while to get the right combination of people and to find a story that was fresh and true to the mythology.”

You can read the full article at the link above. A second article also talks about the casting of Brandon Routh:

“He’s always had a desire to play Superman,” says his agent, Mara Santino, who notes that the Halloween costume contest occurred months before the movie role was even a possibility.

Routh (pronounced Rowth) was chosen from thousands of candidates interviewed at casting calls in the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

“Casting has always been a challenge,” says Jeff Robinov, president of production for Warner Bros. Pictures.

“As you look to more recognizable people, it’s hard to separate who they are and what they’ve done from the role of Superman. So we decided to look at unknowns.

That full article is available at the link above as well.

Source: USA Today