Exclusive: The Fantastic Four Finale Filming!

Scooper ‘B Love’ provided Superhero Hype! with exclusive word on where 20th Century Fox will be filming the finale for Fantastic Four in Vancouver, including what the scenes will be like. The production is scheduled to shoot in the area of Burrard and Hastings from this Thursday, October 28th until November 19th.

Specifically, Fox will be filming between the hours of 6pm and 6am from Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29th, from Monday night November 1st thru to Friday night, November 5th, on Monday November 8th, and Wednesday to Friday, November 17 – 19th.

(Spoilers ahead!) The production is set to filming some extensive stunts in the intersection of Hastings and Burrar, including a car smashing into a bus, a police car exploding and another stunt involving water. These scenes are scheduled to be filmed between October 28 to November 8th. The quieter/close-up scenes will be filming from November 17 – 19. The production will also be “dressing” the area to look like a New York street with news stands, subway stations, hot dog vendors, taxi cabs and the like.

In related news, ‘LightninStrykez’ has sent us links to new photos from the Vancouver set which you can view here and here!

Source: B Love, LightninStrykez