Send a Tribute to the Reeve Family

Jim Bowers at CapedWonder is putting together a very special Tribute Portolio for the Reeve family. He asked SHH to help spread the word.

Please let everyone know that I will be preparing a leather bound

tribute portfolio for the Reeve family that will contain letters and artwork from fans. I will be mailing it directly to Dana Reeve at her New York home, so she will absolutely receive it (no publicists, agents, etc will see it). I welcome fans to write to me (and/or you can forward some of your best) with letters and artwork (high res as possible so the print reproduction will be excellent – I can take TIFF’s high re JPEG’s, EPS’s, PNG, etc).

I know the family will greatly appreciate everything, as Chris always did when I sent him gifts. The “best of” will also appear on my tribute page on


Jim Bowers

For more info hit the link above.

Source: Jim Bowers – CapedWonder