Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 3 & More

Sam Raimi, executive producer of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “The Grudge” and director of the “Spider-Man” franchise, gave Superhero Hype!/ an update on Spider-Man 3 and whether or not a fourth film is likely. He also addressed the rumors about “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash”.

Sam Raimi on the fate of the Spider-Man films:

I know how quickly things turn in Hollywood and after the third, that will be it…I’m not supposed to tell and in fact, I can’t tell you cause I’m still figuring it out. I don’t exactly know; I’ve got a few ideas…I was working on it yesterday with my brother. We are writing the story right now and we are starting by determining what Peter Parker’s journey is as a human being. What deficits does he have; where was he at the end of the last film and what is it that he still has to learn? How will the relationship with the woman that he loves evolve from this point forward? And what will be their new obstacles? Will it come from outside forces or will it be something from within that destroys their love? These are the questions we’re asking. When we got them figured out, when we know what they want and where they are headed and what it is they have to learn, those obstacles that they encounter, that will prevent them, (which the source of any drama, those conflicts). We will try and find the villain that best represents those conflicts. It may be a kind of backwards way to choose a villain, but that’s why I can’t quite say yet…I’d love to make more; I think that Sony just…I think that Amy Pascal who is really my boss, chairman of Sony. I’ve never asked her, but I get the feeling she just wants this one to be the final one. She’s very emotionally attached to them and wants us to have a sense of completion to it, for the audience. And feels that’s what the audience wants and they don’t want to see a Spider-Man 4. That they would probably would like to see a Spider-Man 3, but probably not really anymore. So she wants to make it complete and final without setting up new things at the end, like the end of the second one.

Sam Raimi on when Spider-Man 3 begins shooting:

That date’s in flux. I think by January 2006, I know that sounds like a long way away, but not for me.

Sam Raimi on who he hopes to write the film:

(We are) Bringing in really good writers such as Alvin Sergeant. Maybe Michael Chabon, if I can get him. Yeah, the best in the business.

Sam Raimi on a Spider-Man 2.5 DVD:

I know that I won’t be done with my part of it (for the November 30 DVD)…The new effects shot. The editing; I’m still boarding the new scenes. I don’t know, but I don’t think I can be done till at least January, maybe February…I’m kind of completing scenes that I didn’t have the money to complete when we did the movie. I board out with my artists a lot of sequences from the Spider-Man movies that I eventually cut down for pacing sake. Most often times for money sake cause I can’t afford them. Now Sony said to me, we want to release a 2.5 because they want to make more money. The movie was really the best I could make it; I said if you really want to spend money and really give the kids a few more action scenes. They said fine, it’s the kid’s choice if they really want to spend that money and I think it’s fair. .. It may not seem like a lot to you, but it’s a lot to me. There’s like 6 seconds new of the train sequence. It’s going to be like 8 seconds new of some water fight you never saw. It’s like 12 seconds new on this battle building. For me, 12 seconds is 6 shots that have to be all figured out. In that 2 seconds, the amount of animation of in the tentacles. How Spidey is going to movie and it’s very complicated to me.

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Source: Andrew Weil