Wesley Snipes Blade Drama?

In an article reprinted by the Houston Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times talks about a complaint Wesley Snipes may have had about the third Blade movie:

On the set of Blade: Trinity the actor’s relationship with writer-director David Goyer was so contentious that in January, after the film had wrapped, Snipes wrote a five-page letter to New Line Cinema’s co-chairman and founder, Bob Shaye, complaining about his treatment on the film. The letter, on stationery labeled “From the Desk of Dr. Wesley T. Snipes,” outlined Snipes’ concern that his character, Blade, had been sidelined in favor of “two new `younger’ characters,” played by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds.

“As I recall, the movies are titled Blade and Wesley Snipes is the actor/artist that brought the comic book character to life,” read the letter, whose contents were confirmed by two sources.

New Line executives declined comment. Goyer, who also wrote the first two Blade films, now shrugs it off.

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Source: Los Angeles Times