SFX Talks to Goyer About Batman Begins

British Sci Fi/Fantasy magazine SFX tells Superhero Hype! that their new issue (in UK shops on Wednesday) has a Batman Begins cover and a nine-page feature on the movie, including some exclusive new quotes from writer/director David Goyer. Here’s a snippet from the article:

SFX: “What was the spirit that you wanted to capture with this movie? Is there any period of the comic book that particularly influenced you?”

Goyer: “The moment in Year One when Bruce Wayne is returning to Gotham after a multi-year absence. I was captivated by that. I wanted to explore what had happened in those intervening years. And I also wanted to depict the moment when he decides to leave Gotham – what he would say to Alfred, his foster father, and how that would take a terrible toll on his heart.. And because we were using Ra’s al Ghul, we definitely used some of the Denny O’Neill issues as a point of reference.”

For more information on the magazine, visit the official website.

Source: SFX