It Ain’t Easy Being Thing!

Superhero Hype! has learned from inside sources that Ben Grimm actor Michael Chiklis may have wished by the end of filming Fantastic Four that they had gone with a CGI Thing rather than prosthetics.

Apparently after the first week of filming, the ever lovin’ blue eyed actor started really feeling the effects of the suit. The bulky costume, with its big hands, feet, etc., is so thick that the actor can’t feel anything the entire time he’s in the costume. Chiklis has experienced a sensory deprivation, of sorts. Adding to the discomfort is the fact that no cooling system was added to the costume. Between takes they are having to break it open and cool him off with fans.

As you may have seen from recent pictures the costume has a retro look more faithful to the earlier “lumpy” incarnation of The Thing. Despite the hardships, Chiklis and the production are pressing on.

Source: Superhero Hype!