Scoops From the Fantastic Four Set

Cinescape has a first look a The Thing sculpture and two sets. Here’s a clip, with some spoilers

Right next door to the old gas station the production has built a store exterior for the “Kirby Gallery”, the art gallery where we’re told the sculptures of blind artist Alicia Masters will be on display… During the course of the FANTASTIC FOUR movie, Ben/The Thing will first be introducted to Alicia’s creations when he passes by the front of the gallery and spots a sculpture of his rocky visage displayed in the front window. Gripped by what he initially believes is someone trying to profit from his misfortune, The Thing enters the art gallery and has his encounter with Alicia. It’s here that the seeds of their friendship are first planted.

Hit the link above for pictures from the set and more of the report. Meanwhile, ‘Mrs. S’ sent in a bit about the gas station…

I live in the great movie city of Vancouver, BC. On Monday, Sept 13th, my husband and I were out walking along a relatively busy street and we came across someone building a set. My husband asked what it was for. The Fantastic Four, which I hadn’t known til then that they were making. The set being built was of an old fashioned gas station. They were aging the metal and putting up a gate and there were two old style gas pumps by the gate. Very cool!

Source: Superhero Hype!