Chris Evans Talks Fantastic Four

Chris Evans, who stars as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in next summer’s Fantastic Four, talked to while promoting his new thriller “Cellular”.

It’s tough to say no to superhero. I think it’s every little kid’s dream is to be a superhero. What guy here didn’t wrap a towel around their shirt and run around the living room…I had Dr. Doom growing up; I had the action figure of Dr. Doom. And he kicked a lot of ass as I remember. I didn’t know much about this one in particular. As soon as I read the script, I went out and bought some of the comic books just before the audition to brush up a little bit. And it was cool cause I had some buddies who were like “Dude, Fantastic Four!” I think within the Marvel family, it’s up there…I was reading some article on the internet that said that Fantastic Four is first royal family of comic books.

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