Big Batman Begins Set Report & Exclusive Pics!

Scooper ‘typeorocks’ has sent in a big report from the Batman Begins set along with some awesome pictures (the report includes a few spoilers)…

I went to downtown on sat night and Saw some great action. Bale was on the rooftop jumpping off the ledge with a huge fan blowing on him. So his cape would expand. Some interns or whatever told us we were not allowed to take pictures. So we went to a parking garage acros the street from where they were filmming and got some pics of the bat signal lit-up!! And saw them film a scene with Gordon talking with Batman. Then Batman jumps on the ledge of the building and jumps off. During the scene Batman points to the lit bat signal. After they were done filmming (and we got kicked out of the parking garage 3 times) we stood by Gary Oldman’s trailer and sure enough he came out and signed a bunch of autographs and even took pictures with fans. A few minutes later Bale came down with eye shadow on (there was a problem with someone taking his picture last night) so we asked him if it was ok and he didn’t want us too. But he did take time and sign a few autographs he even shook a little kids hand. If you ask me he really made up to his fans by signing autographs. I got Bale to sign my American Psyco DVD and Gary to sign my 5th Element movie. Even though I never got a call back to be a extra 🙁 That made my day. I hope you enjoy the pics.

You can check out the exclusive pictures taken by ‘typeorocks’ here!

Source: Superhero Hype!