Batman Trailer and Filming News

Latino Review has received word that the Batman Begins teaser trailer might hit sooner than was expected…

‘Hargon’ alerted us that the teaser trailer for Batman Begins will be enclosed with select prints of The Village.

We’ll see later this week if that happens or not. An anonymous source also sent us this e-mail received at his/her office…

“For those of you coming in to work on Sunday, August 1, the following street closings will be in effect beginning at 1: 00 p.m.. They will reopen at 4:00 a.m. on Monday, August 2.

LaSalle Street from Monroe to Jackson

Clark Street from Monroe to Congress

Wells Street from Monroe to Congress

Adams Street from Franklin to Dearborn

Jackson Blvd. from Franklin to Clark

Van Buren Street from Dearborn to Franklin”

Our building is bordered by Jackson, Wells and Van Buren (we take up a whole city block). We are right next to the Chicago Board of Trade building – which is were LaSalle street deadends. It’s the Financial District for Chicago in the South Loop. Great big building with great architecture. If I wanted to create Gotham City, it’s where I would go as a director.

Source: Superhero Hype!