Spidey 2 Score Review & India Box Office Records

‘Ryan’ pointed us to Cinemusic.net which have posted a review of Danny Elfman’s score for Spider-Man 2, which hits stores tomorrow (Tuesday). There’s also four sound clips available as well.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that Spider-Man 2 swung into India over the weekend and knocked aside all box office records by a foreign-language movie.

Released on 303 screens, the equivalent of a major Hindi-language release, the sequel raked in 77.5 million rupees ($1.6 million) in its opening weekend. It was a 45% improvement on the previous record, held by the first Spider-Man.

The movie also notched a record opening-day gross for any foreign-language film in India, with $474,000 Friday.

Sunday, it set the record for the largest single-day gross for any foreign-language film in India, taking in $570,000.

The sequel is expected to become the top Hollywood grosser in India and top the $11.2 million posted by “Titanic.”

Source: Superhero Hype!