First Pics from Collora’s World’s Finest

In 2000 Dan Poole’s “Green Goblin’s Last Stand” hit the internet, Spider-Man fans with two years to wait for the Sam Raimi film turned a $500.00 fan film into an instant cult classic. Then in 2003 Sandy Collora’s Batman: Dead End took fans by surprise and became the new standard for which fan films would be judged. Now a year later Collora and crew are at it again with WORLD’S FINEST.

“With the much anticipated premiere of this 3 minute masterpiece being shut down at the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this weekend, the Hollywood buzz once again, has already begun to swell. Garnering praise from industry insiders like Guillermo Del Toro, Alex Ross and Neal Adams, it looks like lightning is getting ready to strike twice…”

Sandy has given SHH three EXCLUSIVE photos of World’s Finest (below). The ‘trailer’ will hit the web very soon at, we’ll keep you posted when it debuts.

’Excelsior’ will be heading to the Comic Con this weekend and will hopefully have more photos & interview with Sandy Collora and the cast shortly thereafter… And for those attending CON this year, be on the lookout for Sandy, he says he will be handing out free DVD’s while they last!

BE sure and head over to for even more cool photos from WF.

Source: jimbowers