Ottman to Edit & Score Singer’s Superman

Music From the Movies has learned that X2: X-Men United editor and composer John Ottman will reteam with director Bryan Singer on Superman

After director McG left the project due to a disagreement with the studio over the film’s budget, X-Men director Bryan Singer takes over the project. And this also means that John Ottman gets his most prestigious film scoring assignment so far in his career. At this point, we have very little information about the project, but for the time being we have confirmation from John Ottman himself:

“All I can say is that he [Bryan Singer] is going to do it. And yeah, I’m editing and scoring,” Ottman says.

Ottman was expected to edit and score X-Men 3 and “Logan’s Run” as well, we’re not sure if he’ll drop those two projects now. Visit the link above for more on this. Thanks to ‘Vincent’ for the heads up.

Source: Vincent