Batman Begins Reports From Chicago & UK

We’ve received a few more reports on what’s going on with Batman Begins in Chicago and the UK. First up, as you probably know by now, there’s no teaser trailer for the film playing with “I, Robot”. Warner Bros. hasn’t announced when they might release it. Will they show something at next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, ‘Bartmna442’ wrote in from Chicago about the casting call there…

In July my wife, daughter and I went to Chicago with a friend to answer the casting call for “Imtimidation Game”. On Thurday the 15th around noon my wife had received a call from a Warner Bros. Studio casting agent. She returned their call and was informed that they were presently looking for drivers. Specifically they were looking for cars as the Quota for SUV’s had already been reached. Among these drivers needed were a thirty year old woman and a fifty year old man. To date the position for the fifty year old man is all that appears to remain. Shooting for these roles was set to begin on August the first. My wife unfortunately missed the thirty year old role by about two years. To whom it may concern: The driving roles, and that possible 19 days of work, are rapidly slipping away.

‘James’ also wrote in from the UK. His scoop includes a bit of a spoiler

A picture appeared last week in the ‘Bedfordshire on Sunday’, a local paper, which was taken outside the hangers showing the SWAT vechiles taxis and police cars. There appeared to be around 20 all together. Other Bedford news is that it does seem that the mono rail which is in the screenplay has been under-construction at the hanger site.

Source: Superhero Hype!