The Latest Spider-Man 2 Updates!

Spider-Man 2 has now earned $272.7 million domestically in 15 days, reports Box Office Mojo. That makes for a worldwide total of $386.6 million so far.

While the sequel is still going strong in theaters, ‘Tom’ from DVD Answers says they’ve got some early details about the November 19 release of the 2-disc DVD. Here’s a clip…

We can confirm that the disc is set to include a couple of audio commentaries with the cast and crew, multiple behind the scenes featurettes (including a wealth of juicy material on the wonderful villain Doc Ock), a multi-angle on-set featurette and one or two still galleries. Completing the package will be a big selection of Spider-Man 2 trailers and TV spots.

Check out the full report at the link above. Meanwhile, ‘Robert’ alerted us to several new Spider-Man 2 items worth checking out.

First up, an extensive interview with VFX guru John Dykstra is now up at VFX World. Details of Radium Visual Effects’ work on the film is available at the company’s official website. And costume special effects artist Ryan Batcheller has posted some behind-the-scenes shots of his work. You can view those here and here.

‘Stuart Green’ also wrote in about a new commercial that’s airing…

A new commercial for “Spider-Man 2” has hit TV, saying it’s the best reviewed movie of the year and lists just about everyone from Access Hollywood to Ebert & Roeper. It also shows a few scenes in the commercial from the movie not shown in previous commercials. Just thought you’d like to know.

Source: Superhero Hype!