Ioan Gruffudd Spills Fantastic Four Secrets

While he hasn’t seen the script, it sounds like Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, knows quite a bit about the Fantastic Four movie. Here’s two clips from his interview with Empire Online

Tonally, the movie is, according to Arad, a bittersweet comedy, something Gruffudd was keen to confirm. “There’s quite a bit of comedy in this and there’s that romance between Reed and Sue Storm. And there are four of us, so we’re all relying on each other. I have no idea where the script is going to go, but there’s certainly plenty of action and us getting a chance to use our superpowers. It’s going to be interesting because there are so many fans out there of the original and what they do and I hope they try to remain true to the comic.”

Indeed, it seems it shall, right down to the costumes. “Yes, it’s going to be a traditional, Spandex, blue Lycra suit with black leather boots. So I’m looking forward to that,” laughs Gruffudd. And will he be sporting Reed Richards’ traditional graying temples? ” I think the idea will be that once they’re exposed to the radiation up in space that turns them into the Fantastic Four, as a result of that I’ll start to have the greying hair. But I think it’ll be subtler than it is in the comic books. More dignified, like George Clooney!”

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Source: Empire Online