Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

On July 3, you can celebrate independence from the cash register – because approximately 2,000 stores will be giving away comic books on that day, absolutely free of charge.

There are no gimmicks, no strings attached, and no purchase necessary. Just days after the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters, comic book stores around the world will once again throw open their doors to hundreds of thousands of happy visitors and give away more than two million comic books.

Why? Because July 3 is Free Comic Book Day!

The third annual Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of an American art form and the literacy that comics encourage. Super-heroes and cultural icons such as Spider-Man and Superman were born in comic books. Free Comic Book Day is a chance to experience the vibrancy and energy that can only come from the sequential art found in a comic book.

Today, comic books are driving Hollywood’s blockbusters and its critically acclaimed independent movies alike. Comic books are translated into live-action and animated television series that entertain young and old alike. They’ve won the Pulitzer Prize and awards in both literary and genre fields. They’ve inspired Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and New York Times bestsellers. Teachers and librarians have embraced them; literacy organizations sing their praises for helping kids who are reluctant to read.

In short, every facet of contemporary society has been touched in some way by the power of the comic book.

“Even with all of this success, there are still a few people out there who aren’t aware of all the entertainment and value comic books have to offer,” said Free Comic Book Day spokesperson Barry Lyga. “So here’s their chance to hop aboard and see what everyone else is talking about! There are 2,000 participating stores – independently-owned comic book specialty shops – with open doors waiting for you; there are comics for every age and taste available; and they’re absolutely free. The only question left is: What are you waiting for?”

Leading the charge this year is Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, who appears in a special, free edition of Marvel Age: Spider-Man #1, in which the web-slinging super-hero faces off against a new member of his Rogues Gallery: The Vulture!

DC Comics’ Teen Titans Go! #1 captures all the energy, fun, and enthusiasm of the popular Cartoon Network series, including the adventures of Robin, the Boy Wonder!

Also featured in the free giveaway comics on July 3 are such familiar faces as Mickey Mouse, Archie, Star Wars, and Duel Masters, all of which are appropriate for children.

For teens and adults, the event offers all of the above plus stories from TV hits like The Shield, 24, and CSI; the Image Comics Summer Sampler Special (all new stories featuring Image’s super-hero, fantasy, and horror characters); and The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty (a Western spin on the classic fairy tale).

The official website of Free Comic Book Day is Visitors to the site can read descriptions of the comics that are to be given away, learn about the history of the comic book, and find participating stores in their areas.

Source: Diamond Comic Distributors